This is a post that’ll help you set up GruntJS 1) Grunt for minifying and combining CSS and JS files in a few minutes without explaining how GruntJS is doing it and what exactly each line does. However, after you set it up, it should be pretty clear how to add new modules and do even more. If you just want to take a look at a sample gruntfile, go ahead and click the footnote 2) Final gruntfile . (more…)



As you can see I’m now using WordPress, which might seem a bit weird considering I’ve written a super small CMS using NodeJS/AngularJS for my website. I’ve actually learned quite a lot during that time and I don’t really want to expand that old CMS, because I’d rather start from scratch again. However, I mainly did that to have some sort of playground where I can try new web development stuff. Instead, I decided to develop a smaller and simpler project which serves as my playground from now on.

This means I actually want to write more (blog-like) posts and I think WordPress serves me fairly well for that, considering the nice visual editor as well as media management and more. So, what do I want to do with this new site? In the next few weeks I want to write some posts about the following topics…

  • My playground project “Speed Dial“, which is hosted on GitHub and uses NodeJS/AngularJS
  • A 2D Breakout in the style of my #1GAM5. Currently hosted in a private GitHub repository and using Unity
  • The upcoming MMORPG Wildstar and probably writing addons for it
  • General stuff I want to share (like Soundtracks!)

Instead of staying with one or two topics, I want to branch out a bit more and just write about the stuff I want to write about, including topics that have nothing to do with game or web development. That’s it for now. See ya soon!